Steve Urkel is a Terry Rozier fan

Steve Urkel is a Terry Rozier fan

It’s fair to say Terry Rozier kind of broke out in the playoffs last season. He was a capable player prior to the fact, but it wasn’t until then that he really got the opportunity to shine on the national stage.

That was also around the time that he finally realized that he had made it big. He realized he’s now the big NBA star--because of Urkel. Yes, you read that right.

In a recent interview with GQ (short for Gentlemen’s Quarterly, I recently learned), Rozier was asked if he had been recognized by anyone else famous. Here’s what he had to say:

“Man, Urkel. We were out to eat in LA. He was with his bodyguards. He got up to leave and he tapped me. ‘You had a great year.’ Everybody knows who Steve Urkel is. That was nuts. It’s been crazy all summer. People can take it two ways. They can either be satisfied or it can be a thing where, “I want this to happen forever.” It’s definitely humbling and it’s a blessing. I want this to always be like this.”

Yes. He’s talking about the kid in Family Matters. In real life, his name is Jaleel White. But if he just said Jaleel White, someone would say, “who the heck is that?”. However, most people probably know who Urkel is because that show is a classic.

This brings up another good point though: Rozier has some serious potential. Do you think the guy who played Urkel would know who Rozier was if he was just some bum? Possibly, but there’s also a good chance that would not be the case because he is not a New Englander. The fact that he is going to start the season on the bench, just shows the level of talent the Celtics have amassed for this upcoming season.

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