Stephon Gilmore already the perfect Patriot

Stephon Gilmore has never worn a Patriots uniform before, but he just put himself in the running as one of Tom Brady’s favorite players.

The newly-acquired cornerback’s wife gave birth to their baby daughter, and the Gilmore’s decided to pay homage to Stephon’s new teammate by naming the girl Gisele–as in Gisele Bundchen, who is Tom Brady’s wife.

Here’s an interesting development: Gilmore’s daughter was born on March 9, according to the Washington Post. That’s also the same day he signed with the New England Patriots. Coincidence?

“I actually named her Gisele Sienna Gilmore,” he told NESN (the station who fired Don Orsillo for no reason). “My wife’s name is Gabrielle, so we thought of a ‘G’ name, and we picked Gisele. She was seven pounds, eight ounces. I don’t know how long she was, but it was a blessing when she came into this world.”

OK, maybe he said it’s a coincidence to avoid the awkward moment of naming his kid after someone he never met but seriously, what kind of a name is Gisele? It’s an uncommon one. The only Gisele I’ve heard of is Tom Brady’s wife and if it weren’t for TB12 and Bridget Moynahan splitting up, I would’ve never heard that name. But yeah, kind of glad Tom Brady didn’t marry someone from Longmeadow.  

There’s pretty much two ways Brady could react to this news. He could pull a Regina George.

Or TB12 could be happy about it.

If anything, Julian Edelman seems like the kind of guy who would name his daughter Gisele and his son Tom with Brady as his middle name.

Regardless, the Pro Bowl corner is going to help the Patriots win some games this year. And who knows? Maybe he and his wife really did like that name all along.

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