Stanton wants to play for the Red Sox

Giancarlo Stanton knows the plan. It’s just that Miami Marlins and Boston Red Sox ownership don’t know about it yet.

The big-time home run hitter went on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show a couple weeks back (not the dude from Fever Pitch, that’s Jimmy Fallon). When Kimmel had Giancarlo Stanton on he asked him about playing for the Red Sox, DHing and all that stuff. And… here’s what he had to say:

Boom. Pretty much says it all.

The new Miami Marlins ownership group wants to cut their payroll by about $40 million down to roughly $90 million as they rebuild their franchise. In the past, Stanton has talked a lot about how he hates losing and since his contract has 10 years and $285 million remaining, he must be the first one to go for Miami.

The only problem here is that the Red Sox don’t really have room for an outfielder or a DH. It’s possible that they still end up going out and grabbing one to improve their lineup, but they’d need to do something to make room for him in addition to giving up quite a bit. Again, that could be hard because Dave Dombrowski kind of obliterated the Red Sox farm system with some of the deals he has made in recent seasons. Even so, the Red Sox could use some power in their lineup and he’s got it.

This might even involve trading one of the outfielders the Red Sox already have. Specifically, the Marlins might want Andrew Benintendi in this kind of a deal since Mookie Betts is untouchable and Jackie Bradley Jr. is the same age as Stanton. That’s a risk the Red Sox would need to weigh.

Still, the Red Sox could use two bats to bolster their lineup. Let’s say Eric Hosmer at first base and then Stanton or JD Martinez.

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