St. Paddy's Day Tees Are Here!

St. Paddy's Day Tees Are Here!

St Paddy's day is about a month away which means our design team has began to crank out new designs for you to wear when you're partying down at the southie parade. We have everything from hats to socks so you can be creative when showing off your St. Paddy's pride.

To show you some of our wicked products is our staff leprechaun Sully (although he hates when we call him that)

On top of those awesome products we also have some designs that he didn't get to because he was being an angry leprechaun. We've got Punchy McTipsy's Irish Pub Tee. It's the best worst pub you've never been to!  If you're looking to enjoy a pint before being punched in the mouth, head on down to Punchy McTipsy's Irish Pub.

If Punchy McTipsy's isn't for you then we have many other designs like our wicked Irish highway sign. All roads lead to Irish on St. Paddy's day and this shirt was made to show that. 

Don't think that we forgot about the ladies. We also have out new I shamrock beer t-shirt on our ladies varsity tee, you can show off your Irish pride while still looking stylish. 

If these designs aren't what you are looking for then head over to our website and check out our entire Irish collection. 


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