Special Museum of Fine Arts offer for Students

Of many eye-catching tourist attractions in Boston, the Museum of Fine Arts has got to be one of most special destinations in the city. The MFA has a whole host of exhibitions it keeps updating all-year round, involving galleries for paintings, pictures, and sculptures. Plus there is a special Museum of Fine Arts offer for Students.

The attraction of the Museum of Fine arts isn’t just the unique mixture of the ancient and modern art pieces on display in their galleries, but rather the journeys it takes you on as you move from one exhibition to the next. It takes you through Asia and then drops you off in Australia; picks you up and then ships you to Australia, then Europe and then, back to Boston. At the end of your tour of the museum, you will have experienced all the different manifestations of human interests and achievements through history.

And if you’re a student in one of the universities participating in the Museum’s program, the pull of the MFA doesn’t end there. For a student from one of the participating universities from Maine, Massachusetts or New Hampshire, you’re permitted free access into the facility, 20% off on concert tickets, 10% off on shop purchases and the film tickets only cost $5. And it doesn’t end there. The MFA provides work-pay eligible students with the opportunity to work as an Ambassador, while also providing a plethora of seats for unpaid internships. It also provides degrees and certificates for anyone wishing to enroll in its academic programs.

The MFA has continued serving itself to tourists and students as one of the best stops in Massachusetts for anything Artsy and with its futuristic and long-sighted attitude in wanting to keep moving forward and growing, will continue to be the benchmark for art museums in Boston.

So if you’re a student at a university participating in the Museum’s program and haven’t checked out the latest exhibition, then what are you waiting for?

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