Some list hates the Patriots quarterbacks, but it’s incorrect

Someone probably had their head somewhere where it shouldn’t have been when making this list…

And by that, I mean up in the clouds or sleep deprived. And by list, I mean Rotoworld’s quarterback rankings of team’s QB situations. And by upset with the rankings of the list, I mean they’re pretty much wrong. Why? The New England Patriots are ranked 7th on it…

Seriously? Are you kidding me with that? There’s 6 other teams in the league with better QB situations than the Patriots? No. Not even remotely true. And that’s not some sort of New England bias. Let’s dive into some stuff…

5. That’s the number of Super Bowl rings the New England Patriots have under Tom Brady.

0. That’s the number of quarterbacks not named Tom Brady with 5 SB rings. It is also the number of times I’ve intentionally visited the website Rotoworld, which is meant to be a burn. They do good injury updates but I mean come on. This is ridiculous.

1. That’s Tom Brady’s rankings on the all-time QB list that I just made up…

3. Number of quarterbacks to start for the Patriots last year. It’s also the number of Patriots starting quarterbacks to win a game last year.

2. Number of Patriots quarterbacks who would start on more than half the teams across the league. That’s right. Jimmy Garoppolo would probably start on most teams in the league. The guy pretty much played like Tom Brady when he was starting. It was incredible. The number two is also the number of rings the Pats have gotten in the last three seasons.

31. The number of NFL teams with worse super bowl odds than the Patriots this upcoming season.

16. Patriots quarterbacks passing TD ratio to INT ratio in the regular season last year (32 scores, 2 picks).

40. Tom Brady’s age to start the season. He might be old, but the Patriots are in good shape….

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