Shaq says the Celtics don't have to like each other

Shaq says the Celtics don't have to like each other

When it comes to Boston Celtics icons, it's hard to leave Shaquille O'Neal off the list.

In all seriousness though, it's really not--even though if you go based on careers, he is among the most talented guys to play for the Celtics of all-time. However, he played for the team in 2011-2012 which wasn't exactly the peak of Shaq's career.

Still, he is a Celtic through and through. You know, the kind of guy who probably has a "C's 4 Life" tattoo on his back. Anyways, he had some thoughts on this year's Celtics team on the TNT halftime show earlier this week.

Shaq talked about the relationships and chemistry between guys on a team and he admitted, they don't have to be friends with one another in order to succeed.

“You gotta respect each other,” O’Neal said. “If you’re the main guy, you have to make sure everybody eats. If you feed everyone, they work hard for you. If you starve them out, they’re not going to play defense, they’re not going to rebound, they’re not going to want to be around you. All of that stuff about you’ve got to get along? It’s a myth. As long as you respect each other and make the right play, you win games.”

Well, that makes sense. Basically, if they all want to win basketball games and can cooperate, that is what should matter at the end of the day.

Who cares if one guy likes Pokémon and the other likes Digimon? Winning basketball games is what matters and regardless of what the haters say, this Celtics team is still a playoff team. They might not have the top record in basketball like some might have expected, but they are enjoying success nonetheless.

So let the haters hate and the Celtics keep winning...

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