Rusney Castillo raking this winter

There’s not much Rusney Castillo can do to rip the bust label off his signing. But just because the Red Sox wasted a ton of money on him, don’t just completely write him off.

Besides, look at how he’s playing this winter. Winter? Yes. Castillo is playing winter ball — because he has a pulse and wants to get better. And, well, honestly, the 29-year-old has looked pretty good.

In 14 games for the Criollos de Caguas (Puerto Rican Winter League), he has hit .392 (20 hits in 51 at-bats). He’s got a .431 OBP and .882 OPS too, for those keeping score at home.

I mean, to quote the great Gwen Stefani, “I know what you’re thinking. Don’t tell me cause it hurts.” Yes. Castillo has no power. He can’t even hit a line drive sometimes, it seems. He struggles against right-handed pitching and he looks clueless playing the field sometimes. And yes, the Red Sox do have a few young outfielders who are pretty good.

All things considered, though — except Castillo’s contract because he’s getting paid no matter what — it would mean a lot for the Red Sox if he could kind of keep all this up and stay on the big league club’s radar. The PawSox outfield is going to be him, Allen Craig and Junior Lake next year. If someone gets hurt, one of those guys might have to get called up. If that’s the case, you best pray it’s Castillo playing to the best of his ability.

Castillo has good outfield range, speed and hits lefties well. He’s a freak athlete, but it’s evident the Red Sox never actually saw him play in a live baseball game before they signed him.

Regardless, he hit .300 in the second half in Triple-A last year. And the Red Sox are most likely DFAing Bryce Brentz in the next few months. So yeah, you haven’t seen the last of Castillo. He’ll be back, like the former governor of California.

On a side note: Arnold did it wrong. You’re supposed to host The Apprentice and then run for office.

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