Ron Kulpa Should be Fired

The Red Sox fell to the Yankees, 3-2, yesterday and in the box score, umpire Ron Kulpa should have been credited with the save. That is because his poor performance behind the plate essentially cost the Red Sox the game.

Yes, he missed calls in earlier innings. But when it came down to David Ortiz’ final at-bat of the game, he really screwed the Sox over.

First, it appeared as though Ortiz would walk on 3-1, but the pitch ended up being just on the corner. OK, I could maybe see why he’d call that a strike. Not one Ortiz should be happy about. But understandable. Here’s the 3-2 pitch in case you forgot:

Now clearly Ortiz didn’t swing. That was a called strike. Put the volume on and you’ll hear Steve Lyons getting pissed off about it.

And surprisingly, Kulpa spoke after the game. He said that 3-2 pitch was right down the middle. You know when the mainstream media is questioning the calls and taking the Red Sox side, then clearly the ump sucks.

Ortiz said after the game that he would have needed a hockey stick to hit that 3-2 pitch.

Kulpa then had the nerve to eject John Farrell and Ortiz because they had the honesty to call him out for his poor calls behind the plate.

MLB went a little overboard with the GIFs last night. After all, they’re the ones paying his salary

Not funny when an official determines the outcome of a ballgame.

It’s been floating around the web that Kulpa missed 31 calls on 287 pitches last night.

This is exactly why major league baseball just needs robot umpires. Clearly this guy cost the Sox a chance at the game yesterday because there were a few strikeouts earlier in the game on questionable calls too.

It sucks for the Red Sox that Joe Torre is essentially in charge of all the umpires too.

Remember now too, the Yankees were underdogs in this game. Makes you wonder if this guy had money on the game.

Daily fantasy baseball tip: know your umpires and their tendencies. Umpires can be an even bigger factor than ballpark factors — especially for pitchers. Andrew Miller should know that by now.


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