Ride the Flying Horse in Rhode Island

One of the oldest carousels in the US, the Flying Horse is Rhode Island’s pride. Originally a part of a traveling carnival, now loyally maintained by The Watch Hill Memorial Library and Improvement Society, this ride is a delight for children. This should definitely be added to your Rhode Island to-do list.

Flying Horses Carousel Rhode Island

What is it?

Built in 1876, the flying horse is an amusement ride consisting of about 20 carved wooden horses. Instead of being attached to the floor, it is held by chains to the center frame. When the horse swings under the canopy, the effect of flying on a horse is created, resulting the ride being named as the Flying Horses Carousel.

Flying Horses Carousel Children

Why should you visit?

The question here isn’t why should you visit but rather, why not? Take your children to enjoy this breezy, fun ride when you’re in Rhode Island. Let them experience the rush of wind as they have the time of their lives. Flying horses are a dream come true for almost all kids. So, come down to Rhode Island and make these dreams come true for your children and enjoy the sheer joy of their excitement. Additionally, it’s the only surviving flying horse carousel and classified as a National Historic Landmark. Mixing history and off-the-edge exhilaration makes this an even more exciting experience. To top it off this is located in Watch Hill so you can roam around the neighboring beach at Napatree Point and take a stroll around and until the sunset and beyond.

The Flying Horse Carousel operates annually from June to Labor Day so if you find yourself in Rhode Island during this time, be sure to drop in and enjoy this famous and historic ride.

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