Rick Pitino about to lose his job

Finally, the government is getting rid of some corruption in this country.

As someone who is not a fan of the NCAA, it is with great pleasure that I report that former Boston Celtics turned Louisville Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino has been placed on administrative leave by his school as he is under FBI investigation.

That’s right. That terrible Boston Celtics coach we all dislike because his career in Boston went so wrong is a corrupt dude–just like the rest of the NCAA. Apparently, he’s also not going to return as Louisville’s head coach too. I can picture all the C’s fans with smiles on their faces right now.


In case you were wondering what he did wrong–other than being a bad NBA head coach–he’s a corrupt dude. His team was paying families big money to join his program. Remember, the NCAA needs their billions of dollars and needs to pay their coaches millions of dollars on our taxes. I mean, if I could decide which taxes I did wanted to pay, I sure as heck wouldn’t wanna pay some D1 coach’s salary–especially a dude like UMass’ football coach when they’re just gonna lose every game against half decent team anyways.

But yeah, Pitino just shows the kind of corruption that’s going on in the NCAA. It’s not like he’s the first dude to do this kind of thing. It also shows in the Power 5, unfortunately, these kids are sometimes more athlete-students than student-athletes.

I think there’s a serious lesson to be learned here though. There’s a lot of greed for these teams and the NCAA. The recruiting process has gotten out of hand to the point where people are paying high schoolers money because that’s the only way they can get them to the school.

Not sure how to end this corruption, but it shouldn’t be happening.

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