Rick Nash ain't done with the NHL just yet

Rick Nash ain't done with the NHL just yet

Did you think Rick Nash was retired or something? Apparently, he's not.

He played for the Boston Bruins for part of last season, but battled injuries and he's not a member of any NHL club at the moment. However, he is not done with hockey; he would like to keep playing, if possible.

“I miss it; I love the game,” he recently told The Athletic. “The game has been my whole life, so it’s been a hard adjustment to not show up for training camp, for fitness testing … it’s been really tough.

“But my family is what’s most important to me, and I have to get my health in the right spot before I figure out what my plans are, and I don’t know when that will be,” he added.

The 34-year-old's status was in doubt last season after he was hit in the head during a game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. He suffered yet another concussion because of it.

So, essentially, he played 11 games for the Bruins and missed 12 with a concussion. It wasn't exactly the ideal scenario for the Bruins, who gave up Ryan Spooner and a first round pick but hey, it happens.

Seriously though, if he's healthy, ready to go and can play at close to the level he is capable of doing, the Bruins would be crazy to not at least consider signing him again. Depth is an issue for these guys--and Nash is not only a body, but an NHL veteran.

The biggest question though is: how will he recover from his concussion? Will he be sharp like Patrice Bergeron or is this a career-ender like Marc Savard? Since the Bruins gave up so much for him last year and didn't get a Stanley Cup out of it, they might as well try to find out--and hit him up one more time.

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