Retiring or not, A-Rod still hated in Boston

Alex Rodriguez loves being the center of attention.

As such, he tried to overshadow the final game of the World Series last year. But since the New York Yankees really don’t want him anymore, he announced Sunday he would be retiring on Friday. But don’t worry, he will still make the rest of his contract as an adviser for the Yanks through the end of 2017.

The plan is for A-Rod to play one last game this Friday before calling it a career. So yes, he will be with the Yankees in Boston, but he is not going to play and the Red Sox have no plans to honor him. Why would they honor a guy who not only blatantly cheated with performance enhancing drugs, but tried to single-handedly change the outcome of a postseason game?

Not cool man.

Of course, there was a time earlier that year that may have aggravated A-Rod a bit.

There was also another time about ten years later that Red Sox fans loved but A-Rod probably didn’t.

Too bad A-Rod hit the go-ahead homer later this game.

Clearly he doesn’t like the Red Sox as much as they don’t like him which has to make one wonder: why were the Red Sox so quick to forgive David Price and shell out all kinds of money for him? Didn’t he plug David Ortiz and Mike Carp in the same game?

Now Price, who the Red Sox signed to a seven-year deal worth $217 million has a 4.34 ERA and has allowed more hits than anyone in baseball. Given his lack of postseason success too, there cannot be too much faith in him right now.

And speaking of guys who can’t pitch, Brandon Workman tried plugging Evan Longoria in that same game. It didn’t go so well though.

Not sure what was worse: that or his at-bat in the World Series.

Hell, Will Ferrell had a better at-bat than that. At least he tipped one. (Skip to 2:10 for that)

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