Refs ruin Adam McQuaid’s fight

Being an official in any sport is tough. Just look at what they have to do: get every single call right otherwise people will flip.

It’s tougher in some sports than others. Of course, basketball refs need to be mobile, as to hockey refs. In hockey, the refs need to be able to skate to, which is something you don’t see any place else. Sometimes, people need to give them a break because they seem to get a lot more hate than they deserve. Thursday night was not one of those nights though.

Let this one be known as the Adam McQuaid incident…

In the first period of the Bruins game on Thursday, McQuaid decided he was going to fight Sabres rookie forward William Carrier. Why? Carrier cheap shotted David Backes, injuring him. OK, so you think McQuaid would be mad and land some decent punches right? Wrong.

What the hell is the ref doing there? They’re holding McQuaid’s arms and they’re just letting him get punched in the face. He had no way to defend himself there. That’s terrible. Truly terrible.

Isn’t fighting in hockey supposed to be tolerated? Seriously, McQuaid was trying to stick up for his teammate who got injured. If the refs didn’t want to see the fight, why didn’t they grab Carrier too? And why does Carrier keep going when he sees there’s no way for McQuaid to throw a punch? Someone needs to go full Zdeno Chara to Max Oacuiretty on the air conditioner man.

The Bruins did end up beating the Sabres, 4-2. But at the same time, that fight — or whatever you would call it — just doesn’t sit right. A lot of fans have to be angry something like that happened. No way anything like that should ever happen.

The B’s got Buffalo on Saturday too, so maybe they retaliate.

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