Red Sox upping ticket prices

Give people the same product and expect them to pay more.

That’s exactly what the Boston Red Sox are expecting people to do next year. They announced their ticket prices for next season and — surprise — there’s some price hikes. On average, tickets went up by 2.9 percent which is the highest increase since the 2013-2014 offseason, just after winning a World Series.

Pretty much, tickets are going up a dollar to five dollars in many sections. According to the Boston Herald, here’s where fans can expect to see hikes.

  • Field box
  • Loge box
  • Pavilion box
  • Pavilion reserved
  • Grandstand
  • Outfield grandstand (Rows 1-10)
  • Right field box
  • Right field roof box and terrace
  • Bleachers
  • Upper bleachers

Great. So now fans can pay more for obstructed view seats with little room that don’t even face home plate. Great. Awesome. Wonderful. A lot of people love Fenway, so they’ll continue to sell tickets.

Here’s what team president Sam Kennedy’s statement on the matter said.

“We appreciate the steadfast commitment of our loyal fans and hope to reward their dedication by fielding a winning team that plays deep into October each season. Our desire to bring another World Series championship to Boston is as strong as ever, and the contribution and dedication of our fans are what allow us to remain competitive each and every year.”

 Can’t argue with a guy who says his team’s goal is to win a World Series. I mean, if it’s for a World Series, then why not? Might give them the extra money to get a guy who can pitch well in the postseason. Oh wait…
Let’s just hope they don’t raise concessions or parking any more than they have. Honestly, who has $4.50 for a water these days? Kind of ridiculous. Always thought water was supposed to be free. I guess not.


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