Red Sox seem like they'll trade JBJ

Red Sox seem like they'll trade JBJ

No, we can't say hey: because the Boston Red Sox are thinking about getting rid of JBJ.

That's right, America (to quote Bernie Mac, may he rest in peace), the Boston Red Sox are literally considering trading Jackie Bradley Jr. And by that, I mean their star centerfielder. We're talking the guy that should've been the Gold Glove winner like every single freaking time he was in the running.

OK, so if we get really honest and look deep into this issue, we'll see what the real issue is here. So, as many know, the Red Sox want to cut spending. They want to go down from spending $235 million as a franchise to like $208 million -- if not an even bigger cut. But let's be honest, JBJ has to be part of the equation. After all, he is set to earn $11 million next season and he is not even going to be a super highly touted player or anything like that.

I would like to see what the Red Sox could get in return for Bradley. You know he is a good baseball player, but the bat is inconsistent which could hurt the market on him.

Could they get a half decent piece and start rebuilding their farm system? Maybe. The bullpen is the other place they might be able to bolster by throwing Bradley into the sun. Sadly, they probably wouldn't be able to get some great starting pitcher in exchange for him. That'd be ideal though if they could.

Such a deal is going to tell us about Chaim Bloom -- which is good because he is very much an unknown at this point, as is the direction of the team over the next few years. Looking forward to seeing what it ends up being though for sure. Should be interesting.

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