Red Sox keep Brian Johnson after all

Red Sox keep Brian Johnson after all

OK, it's all good. You can exhale.

I didn't realize how long I could hold my breath until this happened. The answer is 46 seconds.

What does that have to do with the Boston Red Sox putting Brian Johnson on waivers? I suppose nothing, but let me explain something...

When the Red Sox put Johnson on waivers, it was bittersweet. Obviously, the Red Sox need some spots on the 40-man roster and clearly, Johnson didn't produce last season. He had a 6.02 ERA in 21 games last season and was one of those guys that Alex Cora used as an "opener". Those games were not fun to watch and a little confusing given that Johnson had experience as a real MLB starter.

Anyways... luckily, no team claimed Johnson on waivers. I am relieved to report that he cleared waivers and was outrighted to Triple-A Pawtucket (and yes, they will still be the PawSox next season, Worcester isn't happening until the year after next).

Sure, Johnson did not have a great year last year, but you have to remember he threw a complete game shutout against the Seattle Mariners in May 2017, so he is competent. Honestly, what they should do with him is keep him as a starter and keep him as a depth guy. Even if he's not the MLB reliever they'd like him to be, there is value in a guy who is a sixth or seventh starter. Pitchers get hurt and teams need depth. It's not a glamorous job, but Johnson has a 4.54 ERA in 26 MLB starts. That's fine for a depth guy...

Starting pitching depth is going to be an issue for the Red Sox this season, so it seems like this sets Johnson up to make starts and for that reason, they deserve a pat on the back for this decision.

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