Red Sox don’t have a better option than Clay Buchholz

They didn’t think they had anyone better and honestly, Clay Buchholz proved them right last night.

The Boston Red Sox only gave Buchholz the chance to start because well, to be honest, he was their best option. Sean O’Sullivan, Henry Owens and Roenis Elias were the other candidates they were seriously looking at to make those starts.

Seriously? That’s it? Yes, those were their options. And Buchholz really didn’t do that bad. Five innings and three runs might not seem great — because it’s not. But he didn’t get chased out of the game in the second inning either. He actually put the Red Sox in a situation where on a decent offensive night, they probably would have won. But they didn’t do anything at the plate, so they lost, 3-1.

Yeah, Buchholz took his six loss of the year. He’s now 2-6 on the year and his ERA starting this year begins with a six. But he’s starting again and for now, he’s probably going to be a regular in their rotation.

Anyone complaining has their right but: tell me who would be a better option currently in the organization? Joe Kelly is on the Disabled List and Brian Johnson hasn’t pitched in a month as he’s dealing with anxiety. And all joking aside, Brock Holt isn’t a pitcher.

With the back half of the Red Sox rotation being nothing but sketchy this entire season, there is No Doubt the Red Sox go after an upgrade or two. It’s tough to say how they feel about Eddie Rodriguez right now. But A championship team needs great starters — not mediocre. No Doubt about that.

Eddie takes the bump tonight for Boston, which should help them figure this whole mess out. He’s facing a non-Orioles team at night. It could be a good one.

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