Hey, Red Sox: do something about Drew Pomeranz

Hey, Red Sox: do something about Drew Pomeranz

Let’s be honest: Drew Pomeranz isn’t really working out well this year. Maybe it’s time for a change.

Pomeranz is not throwing well. He has a 6.75 ERA through seven starts and yes, he is not even throwing five innings per start. So, he’s sucking the life out of the bullpen and not throwing particularly great innings for the Red Sox when he is playing for them. That’s a pretty bad mix. It’s the equivalent of drinking coke and eating mentos. Of course you’re stomach won’t feel good when it’s all said and done.  

I forgot about the whole coke and mentos thing, but the videos are pretty cool. Anyways…

Yeah, this Pomeranz thing isn’t working out. His velocity appears to be down a little bit this year which is unfortunate. He would be the perfect guy to put on the phantom disabled list--if he’s not actually hurt. Who knows? Maybe he really is battling an injury right now. But whatever he is doing right now just ain’t cutting it.

What’s good is the Red Sox have their share of depth starters, who are already on the team.

Their bullpen has three long relievers in it and by long relievers: Hector Velazquez, Brian Johnson and Steven Wright. One of those guys could probably pitch better than Pomeranz, right?

The other option would be to move Pomeranz to the bullpen and let one of those guys start. Seriously, the Red Sox could use some left-handed bullpen help and they could use a starter in his spot, so in theory it works. But then again, someone thought crocs were a good idea. Joking, of course.

So yeah, whatever the Red Sox end up doing with Pomeranz, hopefully it doesn’t include start games. They have a couple of choices, let’s see what they do.

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