Red Sox could have eight All-Stars this season

Think the All-Star break will be a break from the Red Sox? Think again.

Not only do the Red Sox have one of the best records in the American League East. But they could be much of the American League All-Star team this season.

Yes, every team has to have an All-Star, per rules. But the Red Sox could and should have more than others. Here’s a look at some potential All-Stars on the Red Sox:

David Ortiz (DH) — Even if he were hitting .220, he’d probably be an All-Star. But he’s not. His 1.156 OPS is far and away the best in baseball.

Probability: Lock

Xander Bogaerts (SS) — MVP candidate. He’s hitting .345 and defensively, he’s a solid shortstop. He is the future of the Boston Red Sox. So are a lot of these young guys though.

Probability: Lock

Steven Wright (SP) — He really only made the teams because he was out of options. But he has proven himself as a quality starting pitcher. 6-4 with a 2.29 ERA in 11 starts thus far is definitely All-Star material.

Proability: Near Lock

Jackie Bradley Jr. (OF) — Just look at the way he hit in May. He’s hitting .323 with a .982 OPS. And he is considered an elite defender. His numbers will definitely fall. But right now, he looks like an All-Star.

Probability: Near Lock

Dustin Pedroia (2B) — He’s hitting .316 and plays a position where good bats are rare. He’s hitting as well as he was five years ago. And that is saying something.

Probability: Near Lock

Mookie Betts (OF) — With 14 home runs in 57 games, he is on pace for over 30 bombs this season — as a leadoff hitter. He has speed and is hitting .285. That could be All-Star material.

Probability: Likely

Craig Kimbrel (CL) — He was a little slow to start. But he has struck out 35 men in 22.1 innings and has blown just two save opportunities thus far. Closing is a tough job and it is even harder in a big market like Boston. Maybe the rest of the league realizes that too.

Probability: Possible. His 2.82 ERA is not lights-out which could prevent him from the nod.

Travis Shaw (3B) — A quality bat and a quality glove; the Red Sox could not really ask for more. He is not swinging a hot club lately. But hitting .284 with seven home runs and an .836 OPS in 57 games.

Probability: Possible. There’s a lot of great hitting third basemen this year, so it would probably take a few injuries for Shaw.


If they’re all All-Stars, then this will probably be Red Sox fans’ reaction:


Stop! You’re making Britney feel uncomfortable. Plus all eight happening is kind of a stretch.

OK. So they should really have six All-Stars — at least. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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