Red sox at Bleacher Bar

If there is one place you should definitely be at this baseball season then that’s the Bleacher Bar; a unique bar tucked into the grandstand of Fenway Park. The bar which strategically lies beneath the bleachers in center field of the legendary Fenway park has an open window that looks directly out onto the grass. In other words, you can enjoy the Red Sox at Bleacher Bar!

The lively energy and sounds of the stadium crowd are all very much a part of the experience at Bleacher Bar, as is the spacious layout and impressive range of food and beverages. Because game or no game the pastrami, corned and roast beef sandwiches, wings, and hand cut fries are tasty enough bargains themselves to lure you to the place.

Although the bar has been running successfully since 2008 (steadily gaining popularity), something about the old Red Sox batting cage turned into an annex bar complete with Fenway green walls and memorabilia of the Red Sox from past seasons gives it a historic undertone. Also, all these things added together makes Bleacher Bar a must visit.

Bleacher Bar has been designed to give you an unprecedented baseball experience and has the second best seats available on game days. It gives you a chance to watch your favorite game, relaxed with a chilled Sam Adams on your hand, in the company of fellow sports fans and from a view like no other. The best part about it is that the entertaining and otherwise costly game that you will be enjoying from Bleacher Bar will be completely free of cost too! Well, the food and beverages are something you wouldn’t want to miss anyway.

So, if you haven’t yet scored your tickets to see the Red Sox this season, know that there is a great little treasure with a nice peak into the center field, called the Bleacher Bar that awaits you.

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