Red Sox and Jason Groome more than Facebook official

Everyone loves the high school pitcher pick in the first round. Except those who see the major risk the Boston Red Sox took when they selected Jason Groome 12th overall in the 2016 MLB Draft.

Well, don’t worry about the Red Sox signing him because they already did. The deadline was Friday. They got a deal done on Thursday, signing Groome with a $3.65 million signing bonus. Man, that is steep, very steep.

Remember, this is the same Groome that was supposed to go first overall in this year’s draft. He kept dropping and the Red Sox decided it would be best if they were to make the move and nab him before he fell any further. After all, there’s comparisons between him and Clayton Kershaw. They’re pretty much the same except Kershaw has thrown a pitch of pro ball. But just pretend for a second the Sox just drafted Clayton Kershaw.

Yes, yes it would SpongeBob.

Most likely, Groome will head to the GCL this summer. Don’t take his results there seriously though. Sure, he faced stiff competition at IMG Academy, but he played his senior year in New Jersey. They’re not known for good high school baseball. Nowhere in the north is known for anything athletically (except hockey and Canada is even better so there’s that.

Their ability to sign Groome definitely made it easier for them to trade Anderson Espinoza for Drew “All-Star” Pomeranz. And for what it is worth, Michael Kopech threw 105 MPH in his last outing. He’s a great pitching prospect, but hitting 105 MPH doesn’t have much to do with it. He’s been legit since they signed him.

It’s fair to say Kopech’s stock is rising though.

The Sox have signed all their guys from the first ten rounds, so there’s that. That has to be worth something.


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