This Fresh Oyster Service Is One "Cult" You'll Actually Want To Join

This Fresh Oyster Service Is One "Cult" You'll Actually Want To Join

Do you crave fresh oysters? Then boy do we have a cult for you!

Husband and wife team, Rob and Sims say that "oysters are like wine. They're flavored from the regions in which they grow." That's why they order the product for their unique business, Real Oyster Cult from over 70 farms across North America for more than 90 flavor varieties.

The couple runs their own family oyster farm in Dorchester while raising four kids, and tending to the daily ins and outs of a busy online business.

The oysters are harvested, sent directly from the partnering farms to Real Oyster Cult's Boston shop, and then delivered to you while still alive!

They are shipped in insulated boxes and outfitted with a cold pack and temperature sensor so you can ensure your oysters arrive cool. Thanks to this process, they remain fresh in your refrigerator for up to 10 days.

Those who join the cult (aka: sign up for a monthly membership) get a special, curated surprise oyster selection 12 times a year. The staff handpick 20, 40, or 60 oysters in peak season "for your devouring pleasure." 

Don't worry if you are new to the shucking process, the Real Oyster crew say it's as easy as peeling an apple. Check out this video to learn their tips + tricks.

If you still need convincing, keep in mind that oysters actually benefit the environment by helping to fight climate change! Now that's one cult worth joining!

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