Random NY dude busted for pretending to be the Bruins owner

Random NY dude busted for pretending to be the Bruins owner

In late July, you really don’t expect to hear anything too crazy about the Boston Bruins. Maybe they sign someone, maybe their schedule gets released, maybe a former player does something off the ice. But yeah, this one will blow you away.

Down in Wilton, New York, police arrested a man who was posing as “the owner of the Boston Bruins”. No, it wasn’t some really old wealthy dude. It was 37-year-old Jeffrey Jacobs, who looks absolutely nothing like the actual Bruins owner, Jeremy Jacobs, who is pretty much pushing 80 at this point.

So here’s what happened. Last year, a tree fell on Jeffrey Jacobs’ home in White Plains, so he told the tree company’s owner, a huge Bruins fan, that he was Jeremy Jacobs. That said, the bill for $5,100 ended up going to the actual owner of the Bruins.  

In May of last year, the Wilton police received a call from Delaware North, the food service management company led by the Bruins’ Jacobs because, obviously, he wasn’t going to pick up the tab for some guy using his identity for monetary gain.



Apparently, the attempted  pulled the same thing on a cop last year, saying he was the Bruins owner in an attempt to get out of a speeding ticket. However, this time he was not so lucky. Last week, a warrant was put out for his arrest--and he was pulled over for texting and driving. Boom! Perfect reason to pull him over, and arrest him for this.

OK, so there’s a lot to this story. Did he actually think the Bruins owner would just pick up the tab for him? Also, did he not realize that eventually, someone would realize he was half the age of the real Bruins owner? It was a poor stunt, and there’s no doubt he will be in some trouble for it.

Also, I haven't seen this big of a fraud since Peter Griffin's high school reunion.

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