Race Point Beach among Trip Advisor’s 2016 list of top 20 beaches in the US in 2016

If there’s one place that you must visit in Provincetown, Massachusetts, it is Race Point beach. With its peaceful ambience, its family friendly crowd, and the presence of seals, turtles, squids and many other forms of aquatic life, Race Point Beach among Trip Advisor’s 2016 list of top 20 beaches in the US in 2016. Here are 5 more reasons why it should make a trip there.

  1. Go biking in the beautiful sand dunes: The beach has good biking facilities so bring your bikes and enjoy the beautiful stretches of sand that seems to go on for miles.
  2. Enjoy the aquatic species: Race Point Beach boasts of aquatic life that includes dolphins, seals, porpoises and other majestic creatures. Go there and enjoy the aquatic species.
  3. Just the right amount of people: Race Point Beach has the perfect amount of people while you relax and rejuvenate: not too many people so your style doesn’t get cramped but not too less people so the beach doesn’t look deserted.
    Race Point Beach MA
  4. Blissfully preserved environment: The sand dunes of Race Point and surrounding areas are one of the most well preserved places. This view of the beach throughout the day is picturesque.
  5. Best whale watching: The World Wildlife Fund ranks Massachusetts as one of the top 10 whale watching spots in the world and Race Point Beach is the place to do it. With several endangered species of whales that make constant appearances, whale watchers will surely enjoy.

To enjoy all of these and more, plan a trip to Race Point Beach in Provincetown and bring your family and friends. There’s always something for everybody.



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