Play Mitch Moreland every single day please

Play Mitch Moreland every single day please

The Red Sox have been a good team this season. But hey, guess what? There's a way they could possibly be even better. Yes, really. No, this isn't a ponzi scheme and we're not trying to sell you a timeshare.

You know what they could do to really solidify themselves as a great ballclub? Make Mitch Moreland a regular in their lineup.

Through 36 games, Moreland, who has been playing more as of late, had made 25 appearances. In them, Moreland had hit .342 with six home runs, 19 RBI (yes, it's Runs Batted In, not Run Batted Ins) and a 1.078 OPS. Oh yeah, and he is someone who has won a Gold Glove for his defense at first base before.

That's the kind of guy you want in your lineup, especially when you have two regulars in their batting under .200: Jackie Bradley Jr. and Christian Vazquez.
There's nothing the team can really do about Vazquez. He's in there to catch. However, there is room to put Bradley on the bench to insert Moreland into the lineup.

Andrew Benintendi is a capable center fielder, JD Martinez is passable in left field and that frees up the DH spot. However y'all want to do it with Moreland at first and Hanley DHing, maybe you mix it up, but that's an upgrade to the lineup.

If Jackie can't hit .200, then his defense in center field doesn't really matter all that much. But, it's a good pinch runner and defensive replacement to have on the bench. Alex Cora even told reporters recently that Bradley's mechanics are messed up right now, so maybe he can take some time off from hitting while they get that figured out.

Whatever they end up doing though, the Red Sox need to keep getting Moreland his at-bats because it's working out well for them.

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