Pedroia injury will show how not loaded the Red Sox bullpen is

Alright, this probably isn't going to shock anyone: Dustin Pedroia will start the season on the Disabled List. Except, we're not going to focus on that because it's so mundane and a lot of people have already probably talked about it. Instead, we want to focus on what it means for the team.
Specifically, the Red Sox are going to most likely carry eight relievers to start the season (because they are not going to keep three catchers, as they keep repeatedly saying, even though it worked last season). Instead, they'll go with eight relievers. The only issue is: they don't really have eight MLB caliber relievers.
Odds are, Colten Brewer will end up snagging the last spot after posting an ERA over 5.00 in 11 outings for the San Diego Padres last season. Seriously though, we are about to see the repercussions of not re-signing both Joe Kelly and Craig Kimbrel when the bullpen was already a problem last September/October.
It was a weak point for this team and they did very little to sure it up at all. They're banking on all the existing guys getting better, which is hard after winning the postseason because these guys arms are taxed harder than the Brits taxed tea in the Revolutionary War days.
Will Tyler Thornburg finally pan out in Boston? Will Carson Smith, who will start the year in Triple-A, actually stay healthy and prove he can be decent? Could Jenrry Mejia still regain his old form and contribute? Who is closing? Can they really have Brian Johnson as their only left-handed option in there? What's Hector Velazquez' role? So many questions, and we will find out the answers to them sooner rather than later..
Maybe the Red Sox know what they're doing, or maybe everyone outside of the organization is right. We shall find out soon enough....
Also, if this bullpen has you feeling down, here's a great piano cover to make you feel less bad: