Peaceful Meadows Serves MA's Freshest Ice Cream For Going On 60 Years

Peaceful Meadows Serves MA's Freshest Ice Cream For Going On 60 Years

Peaceful Meadows began as a humble dairy farm in Whitman, Massachusetts. From the year 1920, they raised cows and delivered milk by horse-drawn wagon to the local community.

In 1962 they made a fateful decision to add a homemade ice cream stand, and it quickly became a local sensation! To this day, all of the delicious ice cream treats served at Peaceful Meadows' three locations are made from fresh cows' milk on that original Whitman farm.

Despite the notoriously harsh New England winters, Peaceful Meadows is open year round from 10am-10pm to satisfy all the die-hard ice cream fans. 

Since 1977, two other ice cream stands have popped up in Plymouth and Middleboro, but everything from the creation of the flavors to the freezing process still happens right on site  on the original Whitman farm. 

Peaceful Meadows serves up 24 ice cream flavors including New England favorites, Grapenut and Maple Walnut. Each month they feature a seasonal flavor such as Apple Strudel, Eggnog, Pumpkin, and Rum Raisin around the holidays, and Ginger, Peach, and Blueberry Cheesecake in the summer.

Turn your favorite flavor into an extra thick frappe or sundae, or choose from one of the decadent on-menu sundaes including the Fudgenutter, Chocolate Coconut Almond, and the Double Fudge Brownie Boat.

And speaking of brownies, did I mention that Peaceful Meadows bakes their own cookies, brownies, and more?

You can even take the fresh dairy treats home with you including fresh 1%, skim and whole milk as well as cream, chocolate milk, coffee milk, and holiday eggnog!

Or take home a pint of ice cream and a Sundae Pak with everything you need to make 8 great sundaes!

The dairy store at Peaceful Meadows helps support local farms and businesses by selling products such as Lally Farm Eggs, Bacon from Nodine’s Smokehouse (featured in Yankee Magazine!), real local Maple Syrup, Aunt Sadie’s Candles, Local Honey, Handmade Chocolates, Fresh Popped Popcorn, and incredible local fruit pies from Valley View Orchards!

Hungry yet?? Head to one of Peaceful Meadows' three Massachusetts locations today!

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