Pats tight end Martellus Bennett doubles as a children’s author

Dr. Seuss? Mike Lupica? No. Martellus Bennett.

Bennett is like 6-foot-7 275 pounds. What’s he have in common with those guys though. Well, think of Dr. Seuss not on acid. Maybe Mike Lupica would be a more a more accurate comp because New England Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett is now a children’s author.

From what the Boston Herald is saying, it looks like Bennett wrote a book and drew all the pictures in it too. He is also giving readings on it tomorrow at various points at 91 Newbury Street in the Back Bay.

It’s not just the one book either. There is going to be a whole series. Perhaps as he gains experience in New England, he will also gain popularity as an author.

Bennett has not played a down for the Patriots yet this season because he just signed with them. But he already has a Pro Bowl to his name and he plays tight end. Somewhere, someone said he could be the Robin to the Patriots’ Batman: Rob Gronkowski. It was kind of the role Aaron Hernandez was familiar with before he got a sweet gig making license plates for the rest of his life.

Hernandez committed a terrible crime that cost him his NFL career. But just imagine for a second he was actually a decent guy. This Pats team would be unstoppable.

Being a free man gives Bennett an edge over Hernandez. And he had a solid year last year, nabbing 53 balls for 439 yards in 11 games for the Philadelphia Eagles last season. Remember, he missed five games and was playing in a disastrous Chip Kelly offense and still had respeckable numbers.

Not to mention given his massive frame, his blocking skills are a plus. That’ll help the Pats ground game: that and a decent offensive line.


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