Patriots Super Bowl was GOAT

There’s no way to deny it: this is the greatest span of dominance in NFL history.

That’s right, the Cleveland Browns cannot be stopped — from losing. The New England Patriots on the other hand, now all they do is win.

Still amazing to think they overcame a 25-point deficit in the second half of the Super Bowl last Sunday to come away with a 34-28 win over the Atlanta Falcons. Pretty much the best game in NFL history. Huge, huge, huge, comeback. It was nuts if you didn’t see it. If you saw it, you know that.

Think about this though: that’s five Super Bowl rings. Which player, which coach also has five rings other than Tom Brady and Bill Belichick? Umm. No one. Hate on them all you want. Hate their friends. Hate their lives. Do whatever you got to do. Doesn’t take away from them being the best. But yeah, the jealousy is real, folks.

Of course, it wasn’t all Brady and Belichick…

Got to give a lot of credit to James White for his 14 receptions. Julian Edelman made an unreal catch that makes us wonder more and more what a catch in the NFL is.

Joe Thuney, David Andrews and even Marcus Cannon low-key excelled on the O-Line. Trey Flowers and Dont’a Hightower had unreal sacks. Pretty much, the greatest Super Bowl ever and a team effort win.

It didn’t even take a Malcolm miracle to win it or anything like that…

On Sunday at about 9 pm, I would’ve told you that Super Bowl 49 was the best game in NFL history. Boy was I wrong…

Believe it or not, the Pats are Super Bowl favorites again this upcoming season. So yeah, ring No. 6 is a definite possibility. The dynasty lives on, and a 40-year-old Tom Brady will lead it.

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