Patriots should consider Jason McCourty too

If your favorite NFL team had a pretty good player and he had a twin, wouldn’t you want both the guys on your team? Like say there was a Bob Gronkowski that was just like Rob or a Randy Amendola who was just like Danny. You’d want that guy on the team, right?

If you answered yes to that, then you agree the New England Patriots should pursue Jason McCourty, who is set to be released from the Tennessee Titans soon. That’s wonderful. I like it when people agree with me. Better than arguing and being enemies.

In the past, the Patriots asked about a deal for McCourty. But, as you could imagine, a phone call with Bill Belichick is probably really awkward, especially when he low balls the heck out of the guy on the other line and shows absolutely no emotion the whole time.

McCourty was set to earn $7 mil in the final year of his contract. Not sure if the Patriots would pay him that. But hey, maybe he wants an opportunity to play alongside D-Mac and a shot at a Super Bowl ring before he hangs up the spikes, or goes on to another city where he’ll make a lot more money because he played well in New England (hypothetical).

Last year, J-Mac had 69 tackles and two interceptions in 14 games. He’s still a cornerback too, like Devin used to be, so he would likely be their No. 3 guy on the depth chart. That’s right, you’d have to assume he’d be ahead of Cyrus Jones. When he starts playing like he did at Alabama, then maybe…

It’s all speculation of course. But come on, that would be quite the story right there: the McCourty twins playing side by side in the secondary. That would be some real cool stuff right there.

Now it’s up to the Patriots to decide if he’s worth it.

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