Patriots QB lighting it up in training camp

Patriots QB lighting it up in training camp

Alright this might sound crazy but here goes.

There's a quarterback not named Tom Brady for the New England Patriots who has been a standout at training camp so far.

Yeah... We're actually talking about Patriots fourth round draft pick Jarrett Stidham. Apparently, he's been looking quite good early on in camp -- which is definitely a good thing.

MassLive reported that Stidham did a really nice job at practice on Tuesday, completing eight of his eight passes on team offense against the defense.

Through 10 practices, that put his completion percentage up to 68 percent on the season. This was actually a lot better than Tom Brady. That bum only had a 58 percent completion rate.

Here is what Phillip Dorsett had to say about Stidham to MassLive.

"He's getting more comfortable. He has a live arm, can make any throw," he said. "I like Jarrett. It's the National Football League, and he's young. Coming in here is tough. A lot of stuff gets thrown at you really fast and changes on the move, so you have to be able to adjust. He's doing all right."

This is an interesting development because Stidham could potentially earn the backup quarterback role over Brian Hoyer this season and we have no idea how much longer Tom Brady is going to play in the NFL. This could be his last season or he could have five left -- with somewhere in the middle seeming more realistic.

As a three year starter at Auburn, Stidham completed 64.2 percent of his passes and slung 48 touchdown passes to 13 interceptions. He didn't have an eye popping college career but ultimately, it's how he fares in the pros that matters most.

And so far, he is showing positive signs. Looking forward to seeing him in the scrimmages, that's for darn sure.

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