Patriots in familiar territory

Bandwagon fan or not, you have to admit: the Patriots season doesn’t really start until the AFC Championship. That’s when the real fans wake up and start watching.

Yeah, there’s only four teams left. In theory, they all have a 25 percent chance in winning — if they were all equal (but they’re not). Most importantly, though, other than it being the game that determines who plays in the Super Bowl, this is the sixth time in the row the Patriots have made it this far. So yeah, they’re just running it in the 2010’s. This time around, they’re in better position too.

These Pittsburgh Steelers the Patriots are facing obviously know how to talk trash on Facebook live. But the NFL was all trash talk, the Patriots would be like the Cleveland Browns — because that’s just not the Patriot way. For real, do you honestly think Bill Belichick could come up with a decent yo momma joke? Doubtful. But the guy and his guys know how to win football games, and that’s a lot more important.

What’s huge is the Patriots are at home. And they’re favored by six points. That’s pretty much British English for they’re going to win the AFC and since Tom Brady is 4-2 in Super Bowls, you can pretty much start thinking of reasons to call in sick for work for the day of the championship parade.

Last year was real rough for the Patriots. So many things went wrong in that Denver game. Regardless, we’re going to go ahead and say TB12 has the upper hand on Manning.

The year before that though, the Patriots won the Super Bowl. Oh, and the Giants aren’t in the playoffs this year, and the Patriots are 4-0 in Super Bowls in the 2000’s not against the Giants. That’s a good sign.

Oh yeah, and the Patriots beat the Steelers 27-16 earlier this season — on the road.

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