Patriots getting aggressive in their moves

Five Super Bowls and you’re a dynasty. But if you’re the New England Patriots, it’s not enough. It’s never enough….

This week, the Patriots are being very aggressive in hopes of bolstering their team in ways the average Joe never would’ve even expected. Here’s a rundown of it all to get you caught up…

It looks like the Pats are paying for a cornerback — Stephen Gilmore. To give you a quick low–down, that’s a Pro Bowl corner who will be making about $65 mil over 5 years, according to intel gathered. He had five interceptions last year, for whatever that’s worth — and I think we know in terms of dollars and cents now. Yeah dude, $13 mil per year. That ain’t cheap.

Goodbye Martellus Bennett, or so it seems, based off a few of his social media postings and the news that broke about the Pats trading for tight end Dwayne Allen. In exchange, they mailed the Indianapolis “deflategate” Colts a 4th-round pick.

Honestly, it’s a pretty similar pickup to Bennett. Allen is another tremendous blocking tight end and he caught nearly 70 percent of the passes thrown to him last season. Last year, he caught 35 balls for 406 yards and nabbed six TDs.

There’s also this:

Yeah. That’s the guy they offered a first rounder for and got rejected. To put it this way, Cooks had 74 receptions for 1,173 yards and eight TD grabs this past season. So yeah, he’s a deep ball threat. It makes you wonder if the Pats signed Gilmore to replace Butler when all they really wanted was Cooks in the first place. The whole process is honestly just confusing.

The final thing is the Pats are looking for two first rounders for Jimmy Garoppolo. That might scare some people away but who knows? Maybe someone gets desperate. Looking at you, Browns.

Alan Branch is also back on a 2-year deal.

That should bolster their run game.

But you can’t win them all…

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