Patriots doing nothing on day 1 of the draft says something

If you didn’t know it by now, the New England Patriots don’t have a first or second round pick in this year’s NFL draft. Trades and deflategate are to blame there.

With that said, some wondered who the Pats might deal in order to try to work their way into the draft order and snag someone big. After all, they’ve pretty much built their defense on high draft picks these past years. But nah, not this time around. Nothing on day 1 of the NFL draft. That tells you some stuff though.

For example, the Pats must have something in mind with Jimmy Garoppolo. They must value him very highly. Why? This:

Come on, Jimmy G. definitely is more of a sure thing than at least one of those guys. Doubt the Pats phone didn’t ring once.

It’s also an indication the Pats are probably pretty happy with the team they’ve got. There were probably names the Pats liked in the first round, but no one stood out to them enough to make a deal for a first-rounder. And why would they? They won the Super Bowl last year and are still a strong team, even without Marty Bennett and Chris Long. I think those guys have too many opinions anyways.

Yes, I did say that for the sake of irony.

Oh yeah, and the New Orleans Saints drafted some cornerback named Marshon Lattimore, so they probably don’t need Malcolm Butler anymore. That pretty much makes the Patriots secondary better, if you think about it–because it’s not taking a hit.

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