Patriots are onto Cincinnati

I think we all remember it.

It was two years ago. The New England Patriots were 2-2. They were coming off a terrible loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. And Bill Belichick gave an awesome interview.

Yeah. If you don’t like him, you need to reassess your life.

Well, guess what? The Patriots are playing the Bengals again — this week. They’re 4-1 so far this season. And that’s without Tom Brady for four of those games. They had Brady in 2014 when they went 2-2. And then they went onto Cincinnati and they played the Bengals. What happened in that game? The Pats won, 43-17. So yeah, it was a turning point for a Super Bowl winning squad.

This year, they don’t need a turning point. But it could be another big win against an Ohio team. The Bengals are 2-3 this season. They’ve beat the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins this year. And they’ve lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys. So this is a pretty mediocre Bengals team. And that has to make the Patriots feel good.

Last week was kind of a warmup for Tom Brady. He beat up on a winless team and it got the fan base nice and excited. Everyone is all pumped up to see what TB12 can do, especially against a decent team.

This has to be one of the strongest Patriots teams in recent memory–if not of all-time. Just look at the way they held it down without Brady. That’s pretty special.

Also, this Rob Ninkovich return still is not receiving enough recognition. This guy has been huge for the Patriots over the past few years. Just because he plays defense, doesn’t mean it should be ignored. And just because it was overshadowed by Brady, it does not mean it’s not also a big addition. So yeah, they’re in good shape now.

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