Pablo Sandoval is San Francisco’s problem now

“Take the $49 million dollars we owe you and get out of here!” — someone in the Red Sox front office (probably) to Pablo Sandoval.

Not to dive in too deep to how miserable his Red Sox career was, but the hometown team is better without him on their roster and apparently, most teams agree he’s a pretty terrible player by big league standards.

It should surprise no one that Sandoval got released once the Red Sox DFA’d him. He wasn’t going to take a minor league assignment and no one wanted to assume his contract. But, the San Francisco Giants pounced on the opportunity to sign Sandoval once he was made a free agent.

That’s right. Sandoval straight up said he hated most of the guys he played with in San Fran (except Hunter Pence and manager Bruce Bochy) but as soon as the Red Sox DFAd him, he came crawling back to them. That’ll be awkward for him and Madison Bumgarner, Matt Cain, Joe Panik, Brandon Crawford, Buster Posey and Brandon Belt though, won’t it? Speaking of Belt.

So pretty much, Sandoval is taking an MiLB deal with the worst team in baseball, and he immediately took the offer. I thought him and his agent decided he was a Ferrari 15 months ago? No? They must both just accept the fact that he’s got nothing left in the tank and that they successfully robbed the Red Sox. And if you think Sandoval is done in the big leagues, think again.

Eduardo Nunez is a guy the Giants are trying to deal at the deadline. His third base defensive metrics aren’t good, but they might still be able to move him. If they do, they’ll need someone to play third base. If they’re out of contention, why not bring out the old fan favorite and sell some Panda hats? Maybe even give away some Panda Express soy sauce packets at the gate.

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