Orioles pay great tribute to David Ortiz

The rumor was the Baltimore Orioles weren’t going to do anything special for David Ortiz. And some people were kind of mad. Well, that was a lie. It turns out, they had possibly the best surprise of them all planned for Ortiz.

The Orioles joked on social media about a possible video of Ortiz being owned by reliever Brian Matusz — or should I say former reliever now. But no, they gave him something you probably remember.

Oh my God, no one even uses landlines anymore! What’s this all about. Well, let’s just say there was an incident a few years ago — like the tweet says.

Honestly, I’m surprised there was enough phone left to give to him. He vaporized that thing.

It’s also a weird situation. Ortiz struck out swinging. He yells at the umpire. He yells at his teammates. And he takes out his frustration on an innocent bystander — the telephone. Not good. But hey, everyone has their moments. At least Ortiz didn’t take Pedey’s head off — which looked like a definite possibility.

The O’s also donated 10k to charity as a favor to him and played a highlight tape of him dicing up the New York Yankees. At least the Red Sox and Orioles have mutual enemies, right? Right.

Some might wonder why they gave Ortiz a gift. Well, he’s been a thorn in their side for over a decade. It’s the least they could do for him when he decided to stop beating up on them. Just think: the O’s are the real beneficiaries here. That’s one less amazing bat they have to face. I’d be stoked if I were them too.

All I’m saying is, the Red Sox better have something amazing in mind. The O’s gesture could be tough to beat — even if it was kind of a joke.

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