On paper, this Red Sox rotation is stacked

In Boston on February 9th, there’s a snowstorm going on. Half the Boston Red Sox are already down at Spring Training though, so baseball season is coming up. Under two months from regular season games. Less than a month from Spring Training games. So you can start thinking about the Red Sox. It’s OK.

Here’s something that is interesting to think about: the Sox rotation. No one knows much of what’s going on as far as the order and even who will fill it out. But here’s a reason to feel good: on paper, this rotation is friggin loaded.

Just look at it, y’all. Let’s to a quick breakdown:

Rick Porcello — Dude won the AL Cy Young award last year.

David Price — 2012 AL Cy Young Award winner. 3.46 ERA from May 18 onward last year. Just an absolute friggin bum in the postseason and a child behind a screen.

Chris Sale — Not sure if you guys knew this, but the Red Sox got Chris Sale. Top-5 AL Cy Young voting in the past four season. Just keep the scissors away from him.

Drew Pomeranz — NL All-Star last season. Had the best ERA in the NL in early June last year. And then he came to Boston…

Steven Wright — AL All-Star last season. Had the best ERA in the AL in early June last year.

Eduardo Rodriguez — 3.24 ERA in the second half last season.

Ya gotta pick five of these dudes. But just think about how good two sentences can make these guys sound. Three Cy Young contenders, two more All-Stars then one of the best young starters in the game (potentially).

At least that gives them a little depth. Beyond that, it’s pretty much Brian Johnson in AAA and after that, pretty much a guaranteed loss. Regardless, that’s a strong rotation. Just got to stay healthy. The end.

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