Not much the Red Sox can do to fix struggles


Yeah. Confusion. That’s what happens when this Boston Red Sox lineup does not hit. They might not have the power some expected. But the fact that they’re not hitting is downright confusing.

David Ortiz ain’t on the team no more. That’s a fact. He was a great hitter (something about sherlock could go here, right). But losing him doesn’t seem like it could be the reason why so many guys aren’t hitting and getting extra base hits. Regardless, the Red Sox are 2-5 in their last seven, so something isn’t right here.

The hitting has been inconsistent and more recently, on the bad side of inconsistent. Like how inconsistent can mean a team is good sometimes.

Remember too, April is a weird month in baseball. The leaders in April are hardly ever the leaders at the end of the season (sorry Eric Thames), so it could be a case of a very slow start.  Still, a series against the Chicago Cubs is probably not going to help that one out after getting “swept” in a two-game series against the Bronx Bombers.

So what’s the solution? Uhh… I really don’t know. Let them play and see if it changes? There’s a lot of payroll tied up in years to come on this team. Some people don’t like the batting order the Red Sox have that tries to break up lefties and righties at the top since Xander Bogaerts got relegated to lower in the lineup. John Farrell could maybe toy with it a little bit if problems persist, but he trusts his guys and is patient, so not sure if he’ll do anything drastic–or if he even has enough to work with to do anything big.

Regardless, at least Chris Sale is having a good year, and the Red Sox should hit for a high batting average–not that it matters THAT much.

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