Northeastern FINALLY wins the Beanpot

Northeastern FINALLY wins the Beanpot

As much as y’all probably wanted to hear more about how much nothing the Boston Red Sox have done this offseason, there’s something else that requires your attention. It’s pretty similar to the 2004 Red Sox--if you think of it like that, I guess.

Yeah. Northeastern University finally won a Beanpot for the first time in 30 years on Monday. They did so with a 5-2 win over Boston University at TD Garden.

OK, OK. Only 30 years? That’s nothing. Well, consider this: Harvard won it last year, BC won it the year before that and BU won it in 2015. Pretty much every year in between Northeastern’s last win and this win, the title went to either BU or BC. Those schools dominated which is no fun because there’s only four schools in it.

(You can also use it when you need to say the number that’s between 3 and 5)

Think of it this way. If MLB only had four teams, how long do you think it would’ve taken the Red Sox to win another World Series after 1918? Maybe 15 years? And what about the Cubs? 20 years, tops, probably. This was an incredible streak of nothingness from Northeastern (no offense to y’all, the team played great on Monday).

Braintree’s finest, Adam Gaudette, who went to Thayer, notched a hat trick and Cayden Primeau recorded 38 saves for Northeastern on their way to the win. Primeau is unfortunately from New Jersey, but still deserves credit for playing well.  

There’s a lot to like about Northeastern (if you don’t go there and pay their insane tuition). Matthews Arena (where basketball and hockey play) is older than Fenway Park. They used to have a Division 1 football team. Oh, and their band plays Stacy’s Mom at hockey games. Here’s them playing it somewhere else.

If that doesn’t have you saying “Go Huskies!” then probably nothing will--unless you’re a UConn fan. That’s OK too, as long as you don’t hate my beloved Emerson Lions (love them so much that I had to Google what their mascot was).

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