Neighborhood Footwear: The Next Best thing?

This year spring is arriving with the promise of pleasant weather and the launch of a new athletic footwear collection, York Athletics.

York Athletics

So is this New England neighborhood footwear: the next best thing? Here is why it might be the next best footwear fashion:

  1. Understated Flair

With a simple palette of black, white and grey all set to don their products, York footwear is a firm believer of less being more. Their aesthetic goal of simplicity is neat, light and rare standing out in a market filled with overdone, commercial products.

  1. Versatile Style

The variety of consumers that York appeals is visible from its team of unique brand ambassadors including a professional boxer, cyclist, musician, professor and beyond, York Athletics has them all. This proves how compatible York shoes are with different types of apparels and styles.

  1. Comfort, Performance and Durability

Primarily, York Athletics is an athletic footwear brand with shoes designed for athletics. Heavenly comfort and lasting durability developed with the help of TPU seams and reinforced webbings support its users through it all.

  1. Brand Impression

York Athletics is a brand that has stemmed out of a familial ethos and boasts a clear vision. It has an expert team of experienced designers and marketers that work towards staying true to their consumers.

What are the odds of black, white or grey not getting it right? York Athletics is undoubtedly setting out to be the go-to pair of shoes for active men and women. The vibe one gets of it is that although it may expand and go big, its products will remain personal.

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