NBA wants to prevent another disastrous Brooklyn trade

I have been told the purpose of learning history is so that people don’t repeat bad things that happened in the past and well, that makes sense. It’s even relevant in the NBA — and I’m not talking about the LeBron James super team down in Miami.

That’s right. The NBA could amend itself in another way. What way? THey could make it so that the Boston Celtics could never redo the Brooklyn trade. At least, the idea has been pondered. Here’s a passage from an article by ESPN’s Zach Lowe:

“The league has since discussed banning pick swaps between drafts in which a team already owes its pick to other teams; the tweak has been on the competition committee agenda, but has not been debated yet at length, sources say.”

I don’t know who these sources are, but pretty much they’re trying to prevent a team from ever being as dumb as the Brooklyn Nets ever again. Seriously. Why the heck did they think that an aging Paul Pierce and an aging Kevin Garnett (and for some reason, they wanted Jason Terry too) would take their .500 team and make them NBA champions? I didn’t.

The Celtics were only in position to sell them off because they were incompetent as a team with the two leading the squad. Obviously, Brooklyn didn’t make it anywhere with those rentals and then they have tanked these past couple years to the point where the Brooklyn pick this year ended up being first overall.

No matter how much grief the Nets get for the trade will never be enough. Long-term, the deal was a disastrous looking one from the start and in the short term, it wasn’t anything that put them over the top. And yet, they gave up four of their first round draft picks in a five year span. LOL.

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