Michael Bennnett... yikes

Michael Bennnett... yikes

Alright, we really do have to address this Michael Bennett situation -- because it is a little ridiculous.

He got suspended from the team for a week conduct detrimental to the team. A lot of media outlets report that he had a philosophical disagreement with head coach Bill Belichick, but Belichick will never tell us what happened....

Here's the angle we all should consider: who in their right mind would philosophically disagree with the best coach in the NFL?

Is Belichick wrong sometimes? Yeah, absolutely. He's not a perfect human being. After all, he signed Antonio Brown earlier this year and that turned out to be a train wreck. He also benched Malcolm Butler for an entire Super Bowl and the team took a tough loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Oh yeah, and there's definitely some trades and draft picks mixed in that were awful. But yeah, whatever...

However, here is what is worth noting: arguing with him as a player is basically useless. Belichick is the head coach AND general manager. He has free reign over the team, for the most part. Clearly, he is confident in his own football mind, so listening to him is really the only way to go about things.

For the most part, he's been successful during his Patriots career. Even when he makes mistakes, he still puts the team in Super Bowl contention just about every season.

As for Bennett, this probably is not going to work out with the Patriots. What has he done for the team this season of note? Exactly. As someone recently told me, he doesn't really fit into the Patriots defensive scheme, so the fact that he came here in the first place is a bit confusing.

Whatever. He messed up, Belichick responded, and we will keep moving forward in life--with or without Bennett.

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