Mayor Pete dresses as Coach Brad for Halloween

Mayor Pete dresses as Coach Brad for Halloween

The Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens has a look alike (kind of), and it turns out he is a fan of the coach as well.

South Bend Indiana Mayor and 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg and Brad Stevens are familiar with each other because Stevens used to be the head men's basketball coach at Butler University in the state -- and they kind of look like each other.

Pete decided to capitalize on this coincidence this Halloween, dressing as, you guessed it, Brad Stevens.



Truth be had though, he doesn't look as much like him when he is trying so hard to look like him. There's a few pictures from a few years back where they look similar, but that's the kind of thing that just has to happen naturally.

And, as you probably guessed, Mayor Pete was in New Hampshire when he was dressed as Brad Stevens. Have to give him some credit: relating to the locals.

It would have been interesting if Ron Paul capitalized on kind of looking like Bobby Valentine in 2012 to see if that got him any added support. But then again, Valentine was never the most popular figure in Boston. Not sure it really would've helped out. Even before the season, people weren't that enthralled with Bobby V.

But hey, the Red Sox then got John Farrell --- and Alex Cora. So yeah, it's worked out alright since then.

However, if we are being honest, the best Boston sports costume would be Bill Belichick. The only downside to that is you might have to cut the sleeves off of a sweatshirt -- defeating the point of its existence. Not sure why he does it and am frankly afraid to ask, but it works so there is that. If it didn't there might be an issue.

Happy Halloween everyone.

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