3 Of New England's Best Swimming Holes Are Right Here In Massachusetts

3 Of New England's Best Swimming Holes Are Right Here In Massachusetts

After a summer hike, there's nothing more refreshing than a dip in one of Massachusetts' great natural swimming holes. Here are 3 of the many spots to enjoy during 2019's hotter months.

Buck River | Sandisfield, Massachusetts

This spot is located just off Route 57 and features a 12-foot natural water slide! At the end, the swimmer is dumped into a small pool for an exhilarating splash down. There is also a shallower pool just up the river which is great for sitting and relaxing in the summer sun. 

Whirley Bath | Charlemont Massachusetts

This location has many pools above the falls for swimmers to enjoy. Located near the Massachusetts and New York line, it is a popular spot with locals and tourists alike. Its clear, calm waters make it an ideal spot to set up a picnic and enjoy the natural surroundings as you listen to the gently rolling falls.

Bellevue Falls | Adams, Massachusetts

This gorgeous swimming spot boasts small falls for jumping and splashing as well as several pools perfect for dipping or just cooling your feet. The falls are surrounded by a lovely hardwood forest that hiking and birdwatching enthusiasts will adore. As you finish your day at the water, make sure to walk down the path and check out Bellevue Cemetery which dates back to 1847.

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