Masa’s Brunch Fiesta in Boston

Boston is home to great food, amazing views, and an awesome environment. It isn’t a surprise that you would find so many restaurants that serve brunch here. But if you ever asked me which place I think has the best brunch, I would undoubtedly say Masa. Located at 439 Tremont Street in Boston’s Sound End between Arlington and Berkeley Streets lies this wonderful restaurant that serves the most scrumptious cuisine. With a patio, valet parking, and a semi-private area, Masa is definitely a place you can go to with your significant other, your family or even your friends. Also, Masa’s brunch fiesta in Boston is arguably the best brunch ever!

Brunch hours in Masa are from 10 am to 3 pm on Saturdays and from 9 am to 3 pm on Sundays. Just imagine, one can wake up at 2 and still go there for brunch- that’s definitely ideal for a wonderful and relaxing day. Although the Fiesta Special is served only till 11 am on Sundays, you can still devour the brunch fiesta specials on Saturdays.

So what does this brunch fiesta include? For $9.95 you get a two-course menu. The first courses consist of caramelized Plantain Empanada Mexican Cinnamon Cream Cheese, Granola with Milk or Yogurt and Fresh seasonal foods. The main courses, in turn, include several types of pancakes, rice, tortillas, fries, and toast. Yummy! My personal favorite were the Jalisco Chocolate Chip pancakes with Mango Butter and Vermont Maple Syrup. But everyone has their own choices. Why don’t you look through their menu on their website? You’ll find that the full brunch menu also impresses, with all types of food items and drinks available.

Indeed, the Masa has stunned and delighted. The overall environment of the restaurant is simple and soothing. The staff are helpful, the price is reasonable and the food is mouth-watering. The only downside is that the brunch fiesta is only for groups of 6 or lesser. The brunch fiesta is so wonderful that I’d want to bring everyone I know for brunch here! Definitely, a must try for all.