Marcus Morris reads blog posts about himself. Watch out!

Marcus Morris reads blog posts about himself. Watch out!

Ever wonder if pro athletes see or read articles about themselves? Well, the answer tends to be yes.

They don’t get a chance to check everything out, but they do see some of it--and occasionally react to it. That’s always the fun part is seeing what they think of it. We found out this week what a certain Boston Celtics player thought of a blog post that was written about him.

SB Nation, known for its hot taking, among other things, had a post on their Celtics site (Celtics blog) talking about whether or not Morris will have a decreased role for the Celtics this season. It’s a pretty obvious talking point because Gordon Hayward will be healthy and the C’s drafted a big man. So basically, that article could have been titled: Will Marcus Morris play less? And then all they would have had to have done is type one word: yes. Boom! Then we all could have moved on with our days.

Not so fast. Morris felt the need to reply to the post, not with his actions on the court (it’s the summer, that would be impossible) but instead with his words. Check it out.



It certainly seems like he thinks he is going to play this season--which is a good thing even if he is not going to play. He’s probably working hard trying to get ready for the year. He must know there’s some added challenges to seeing the court this season. That’s good because it means the Celtics have more depth among their big men.  

Last year, Morris was playing around 26.8 minutes per game and the blog post thinks he may go down to around 20. According to NESN, he hasn’t played less than 25 per game since the 2013-2014 season. We shall see what happens in that department.

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