Manny Machado to the Red Sox wouldn’t make sense

Manny Machado to the Red Sox wouldn’t make sense

The New York Yankees got Giancarlo Stanton.

The Boston Red Sox need to do something to counterpunch that.

The Baltimore Orioles have Manny Machado.

The Orioles aren’t going to win the World Series next season.

The Orioles could trade Machado.

The Red Sox should say, “to each his own” and move on.

It’s early January and the Red Sox have still done literally nothing this offseason in order to bolster their team and put themselves in a position to win the World Series. During that time of nothingness, however, Machado’s name has come up as a possible trade target the Red Sox have expressed interest in. If they have any common sense, however, then maybe they wouldn’t go through with this.

Machado is an MVP-caliber player. That means the price for him would be astronomically high. He also only has one year left on his contract--and then he becomes a free agent.

Playing one season for the Red Sox would not increase Machado’s chances of signing back with the Red Sox following the 2018 offseason. He’s going to go where the dollar bills are at. Sorry, that’s life. Adrian Beltre didn’t come back to the Red Sox after his monstrous 2010 campaign.

It’s also worth noting Machado hates the Red Sox. He’s the guy who said last year that he lost respect for everyone in the organization. While we know the Red Sox don’t really care about past beefs like when David Price joined the team.

Remember: Machado is a third baseman. That’s the same position Rafael Devers plays, unless they move Machado to shortstop, I could care less if they did that, but the Red Sox seem to like Xander Bogaerts a lot (and it’s safe to assume the Red Sox overvalue both him and Jackie Bradley Jr. who are painfully streaky players)

Just get JD Martinez, a left-handed reliever and some replacement-level depth. No Machado.

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