Malcolm Butler apathetic that he's playing against the Patriots

Malcolm Butler apathetic that he's playing against the Patriots

If you thought there would be some excitement for the return of Malcolm Butler on his part, you could not be more wrong. However, we should all be excited for it (and not because he's a nice guy or anything like that. Maybe he is, but that's not the point here).

Butler had a crazy tenure with the Patriots. He went from undrafted free agent who was nearly cut to the guy who nearly blew the Super Bowl to Super Bowl hero to starting defensive back to being benched in the Super Bowl for a reason no one has told us about.

However, he signed a contract worth over $60 million with the Tennessee Titans this past offseason, so he's probably pretty content right now. But when it comes to the prospect of playing against his old team, Butler does not sound enthused.

“It’s just a game,” Butler told reporters earlier in the week. “I know I used to play for New England and all of that. I’m not over-hyped. I’m not very pumped. It’s just another game. I’ve got to be ready to play no matter who I play. People are throwing the ball. Just have to be ready.”

To a degree, he has a point; it doesn't matter that he is playing his old team, he still has to go out there and get the job done. However, some fans may be disappointed that he didn't say something positive about the Patriots. Oh well.

What fans should be excited about is the fact that Butler has been a massive bust for his new team and the Patriots are going to be able to throw all over him. According to Pro Football Focus, he tops the charts for catches, receiving yards and touchdowns allowed by an NFL corner this season. Not great!

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